An unforgettable experience

Cozinha do Marco invites you to enjoy an unequalled experience that combines the best of traditional Algarve gastronomy with a countryside setting as far as the eye can see.


It has a varied weekly menu and a number of Algarve specialities that require advance ordering (24 hours in advance).

Mandatory Reservation


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Algarvian Traditional Cuisine

Cozinha do Marco's Restaurant is already known for offering a gastronomic experience filled with traditional Algarve flavours that have a simple, modern and thoughtful touch.


In Cozinha do Marco, Customers feel at home. It is not just a restaurant, it is a place that promises to meet the preferences and dietary restrictions of those who visit. 


It uses local and seasonal products, part of the Mediterranean diet, such as Ria Formosa clams; cockles; octopus; mackerel; horse mackerel; chicken; lamb; bread and cereals (barley), using, whenever possible, fruit (figs, oranges, tangerines...) and vegetables (lettuces, peppers, tomatoes, broad beans...) from the Hotel's vegetable garden, according to seasonality. 


The commitment to sustainability is also reflected in Cozinha do Marco. From the use of all products to the use of healthier cooking methods (steam or sous-vide), Chef Sara Nunes and her team create real delicacies full of flavour, aroma and rich nutrients, while helping to minimise pollution and food waste.

Chef Sara Nunes

Sara Nunes, with Alentejo roots, has been part of Cozinha do Marco since 2016 and is resident in Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo. Before becoming a chef, she was a construction designer. She realised that cooking was a passion from a very early age, when she cooked with her family during the summer holidays. Inspired by the flavours of her childhood, she dedicates herself to Algarvian traditional cuisinealways trying to give it a "modern touch".


Sara has more than 10 years experience, she took a course in Kitchen Management and Production at the Hotel Management School in Vila Real de Santo António and later enriched her knowledge with a course in Vegan Cooking and Introduction to Macrobiotic Cooking.


The motivation to continue learning is always present and nothing is done alone. After all, Chef Sara has a brilliant teamwhere there is no lack of dedication: "it's so nice to learn from everyone every day!" Your kitchen must have: aromatic herbs, (such as pennyroyal, coriander and rosemary), sweet potato, honey, carob, orange and other Algarve treasures.


From the sensitivity to work the raw material to the challenge of finding the perfect balance in each dish, Sara is elevating Cozinha do Marco to another level: "one of the nicest compliments I ever heard was the customer saying they felt the love I put into the food".